​​AB Precision Grinding

2. Do you supply material?

We grind plates and flat stock in the un-restrained or free condition allowing for optimum flatness and parallelism. We typically press flatten stock prior to grinding. .

  1.  Can non-magnetic materials be ground flat?

We grind either customer supplied material , or our own supplied saw cut, water jet, plasma,sheared,  flame cut or laser cut blanks.

3. Do you quote small quantities?

4. What finishes are held?

Most orders are small lots with short lead times. We are also set up for grinding higher volumes.

All tooling is included in quotes.  We also make fixtures for OEM's doing in-house grinding.

6. What is Creep Feed Grinding?

5. Do you supply tooling?

Blanchard finishes are 125 RMS, Double Disc 32 -63 RMS, Surface and Creep Feed Grinding are 16-32 RMS.

We also offer polishing to #4 finish.

We CNC grind slots and profiles in nickel based materials, as well as alloys in the hardened condition.